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Break free of the rigid black box. MediaWallah's flexible, transparent, and scalable identity solutions put you in control—and give you greater value for your identity investment. Welcome to identity 2.0.

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Use our identity tools and building blocks to grow your first-party capabilities and activate across devices, channels, customers and households.


MediaWallah helps you expand reach, pinpoint customers with precision, and strengthen your data-driven offerings.

Why MediaWallah?

MediaWallah puts you back in control of your identity resolution - with flexible business solutions tailored to your needs; transparency about our operations and your data; and the scale you need to activate successfully.


Our tailored offerings and cost structure let you decide the data you need-and append your custom data to ours. Plus, we complete match tests and onboarding in hours, not days—giving results at a pace that fits your business timetables.


You provide individual-level data for us to match against. We provide individual-level results that clearly align to the data you've provided-not opaque "audiences" you're expected to trust.


With over 250 million U.S. customer profiles and robust data hygiene for exceptional match rates (60-80%), MediaWallah Identity enables seamless data activation across DMPs, DSPs, SSPs, and other outlets with unrivaled accuracy-at-scale.

All this, plus a privacy-by-design approach to all our offerings—and a laser focus on just one goal: Providing clients with the best identity solutions on the market.

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