Resolution with

pinpoint accuracy

across channels.


Vast, accurate, omni-channel, and governed by the strictest data hygiene. MediaWallah ID Graph is built to help you close any identity gap–and to power your next breakthrough identity capability.

Data Hygiene By Design

Not all identity is the same. Between bot traffic, inaccurate data, and out-of-date information, many identity graphs can be rife with inaccuracies. MediaWallah scours out the false inputs—by putting data hygiene at the center.


  • MediaWallah’s machine learning analyzes every instance of identity signals across a wide array of omni-channel indicators. This lets us weed out aberrations and outliers, including signals that fail to repeat across a critical threshold of user interactions.

  • To ensure recency, MediaWallah rejects every linkage that it has not observed at least twice in 30 days.

  • We update our entire graph monthly, removing all linkages not seen in the past 60 days.

We typically eliminate 30% of initial graph data in this process.


Resolve for all

customer targeting levels.

ID Graph resolves identity to the customer, household, and device.

true omni-channel identity

The MediaWallah identity graph spans online and offline addressable outlets, creating deterministic user profiles that encompass browser cookies, device IDs, email addresses and  much more. We further enhance our graph using the most precise probabilistic methods.

an expansive customer universe

Go far beyond the data your clients can access. Our partnerships with first-tier publishers, social media sites and public records databases help contribute to our extensive customer graph. We cover 85% of U.S. Internet Users—on average, resolving those customers’ identities across:

  • Six browsers

  • One to two mobile devices

  • Two to three addressable devices

  • Two to three email addresses

We reach 85% of US Internet users.


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