October 28, 2019

Reality Check: Are Brands Ready For A First-Party Future?

Many brands think they're ready for what comes after the third-party cookie.Think again, Nancy Marzouk warns in this AdExchanger op-ed.

Ready for a First-Party Future? Think Again.

All signs seem to point to the inevitable demise of the third-party cookie. Are brands ready for what’s next? Many think they are—but key indicators show that brands are underprepared for a crucial shift: from third-party cookies to first-party data. That’s the argument in the latest AdExchanger opinion piece from MediaWallah CEO Nancy Marzouk.

To understand just how massive of an undertaking the shift to a first-party ecosystem will be, and what brands must do to get ready for changes ahead—before it’s too late—read Reality Check: Are Brands Ready For A First-Party Future?



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