August 19, 2020

MediaWallah + Adobe = Better Onboarding for AAM Customers

Adobe Audience Manager customers get onboarding control, fast actionable data, and commercial terms they’ll appreciate.

You may have read that MediaWallah has joined the Adobe Exchange program as an onboarding partner at the Premier level—the highly selective top tier of the Adobe Exchange partner program. 

The product integration and partnership follows Adobe's extensive evaluation, and directly connects MediaWallah onboarding with Adobe Audience Manager (AAM). For Adobe Audience Manager customers, this means you get a new choice and greater control over your first party data and onboarding within AAM. 

Now, AAM customers benefit from MediaWallah's groundbreaking approach to connecting onboarding with CRM, faster actionable data, exceptional match rates, and favorable commercial terms. If you are an AAM customer now, the partnership provides:

  • The ability to incorporate custom, non-personally identifiable data—such as a loyalty number or Customer ID—to tie onboarding results back to CRM in a privacy-safe way, even as email and other PII are stripped out. This capability is a first for Adobe Audience Manager, and provides far greater context for measurement and activation.
  • Faster actionable data, enabled by MediaWallah’s fast onboarding turnaround time to provide onboarding results within a few days or less—far quicker than the industry standard.
  • High match rates due to MediaWallah’s high data standards, and data passing directly from MediaWallah to Adobe Audience Manager.
  • Favorable commercial terms that MediaWallah offers AAM users.

To learn more about the benefits of accessing MediaWallah onboarding through AAM, download the MediaWallah + Adobe Overview.

And to get started on your path of a better way to onboard through AAM, request a meeting with MediaWallah today.



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