July 31, 2017

Low visibility keeps programmatic reserve from reaching its potential

For those who know about programmatic reserve, it’s still unclear whether the cost of securing premium guaranteed inventory is worth it

With all of the buzz about programmatic reserve — also called programmatic direct or programmatic premium — it would be easy to miss the fact that market adoption has remained slow. In fact, some trading desks claim that it accounts for less than 1% of their revenue. Many advertisers still don’t know about programmatic reserve. And for those who do, it’s still unclear whether the cost of securing premium guaranteed inventory is worth it.

While there’s some debate about the definition of “premium” inventory (see “What Makes Premium…Premium?” and “Note To Publishers: Not All Of Your Inventory Is ‘Premium’”), the term typically refers to nonstandard, above-the-fold ads placed on sites — with high-quality content — that reach a valuable demographic at a prime time and place. All of these attributes make premium more valuable than remnant.

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Nancy Marzouk

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