October 1, 2021

The CDP Is Only One Component Of The New Approach To Addressability

CDPs need identity to work their best. In our latest AdExchanger POV, get insight on the CDP + identity combinations to consider today.

When it comes to first-party programmatic, CDPs are mission-critical. But alone, they're not enough. Read the latest in AdExchanger from MediaWallah Founder & CEO Nancy Marzouk on why CDPs need identity to perform their best — and to better understand the CDP + identity combinations that support these functions.

Learn about what a CDP can, and can’t deliver when it comes to solving for addressability, and how other necessary capabilities including identity resolution are necessary components to solve for:

  • Data Correction - Ensuring that the data you are using is accurate and true.
  • Data Merging - Resolving differences across multiple profiles for the same individual including different email addresses.
  • Date Enrichment - Adding new insights to create a 360 degree picture of your audience.

Nancy provides insights about the different solutions on the market, from big “all-in-one” players to more nimble specialists that can help brands create the exact solution for their needs. Also called “identity-by-design”, custom identity technology is the best bet for sophisticated brands with a strategic focus on first party data.

We’d love to hear what you think. Read the piece in AdExchanger now.

To discuss how MediaWallah provides identity by design that can augment your CDP capabilities to create a killer identity solution, contact us anytime.




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