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MediaWallah is uniquely focused on licensing data as a service. We are a stand alone data as a service company, and we don’t package data with media or analytics. People are on more devices than ever - work computers, home laptops, tablets and smart phones. Recognizing unique individuals across these multiple data points is increasingly more important. Our solutions enable the execution of a wide-array of marketing use cases.


Having a complete view of your customers is an important component of people based marketing. Customers often provide incorrect or incomplete information. In addition, user data can quickly become stale as people switch phones, move, or use a variety of emails in online transactions. Our user profiles precisely and accurately map all digital touch-points associated to the individual.


Retaining complete control and visibility into your customer is a critical aspect of people-based marketing. The MediaWallah Identity Graph connects all digital ad identifiers associated to your marketing initiatives,  making sure you are identifying the right individuals across all channels. It's a necessity to link accurate data to give you a holistic view of your customer, helping you make the right data-driven decisions and gain consistent measurements for better optimization.


Connecting a customer’s identity across 3rd party platforms can lead to user fragmentation. Platform footprints are not identical and the inability to overlap reach can lead to low user rediscover rates. Our user data matching solutions maintains user links across 3rd party identifiers so people based activation can happen at scale.

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